Friday, January 14, 2011

Local Bamboo Species

Bambusa blumeana Schultes
Grows a dense clump with thick thorns at the bottom part. Culm height around 15-25m young culm is waxy at young and become shiny green when mature. Has a diameter of 5-10cm, wall thickness of 10-20mm and with internodes length at 25-30cm. This species is popular material for simple construction such as fence, makeshift bridge, and railings. Synonim: Bambusa arundinacea Gamble, Bambusa spinosa Blume. Common names: Tinik (Tagalog), Tungkan (Bisaya).

site: Waan Community, Davao

site: Tacunan, Davao
Bambusa merrillianus Elmer
Groovy nodes with aerial roots, thick-walled or almost solid at bottom. Common name: Bayog (Tagalog).

site: Ma'a, Davao

Bambusa vulgaris Schrader
Grow sparsely in its clump, inter-nodes has a shinny bluish-green appearance. Nodes with aerial roots only at base until 3rd node, nodal ridge present. Culm sheaths early falling. Culms classified as "soft bamboo" and used only for light construction. Common name: Kiling (Tagalog).

site: Pangi, Matina crossing

site: Pangi, Matina crossing (left), Eden Park (center), Pangi km.6, Davao (right)

Bambusa vulgaris var. "Vittata"
its striking yellow skin makes a strong aesthetic statement in the landscape. Common name: Lunas (Tagalog).
site: Purok Aroyo, Matina Crossing, Davao

site: Miagao, Central Visaya

Dendrocalamus latiflorus Munro
A native species throughout the Southern China, and Taiwan, introduced to the Philippines. The large culms are thin-walled and light. Common names: Buho (Tagalog), Butong (Bisaya), Ma-chu (Chinese), Ma-chiku (Japanese), Pai-sangkham (Thai).

site: Davao del Sur

Dendrocalamus asper Schultes
This one is among the largest of all tropical bamboo. Common names: kawayan (Tagalog), apos (Bisaya), Pring petung (Javanese), Awi bitung (Sundanese), Buluh betung (Malay).
site: Sirawan, Toril

Gigantochloa atter Kurz
Grow densely in its clump, waxy young culms. Common names: Kayali (Tagalog, Bisaya), Pring legi (Javanese), Awi temen (Sundanese), Preng keles (Madurese).

site: Nalumville, Davao (left), Matina, Davao (right)

Gigantochloa levis Blanco
Culm is 5-10cm in diameter, with dense brown hair. Common name: Bolo (Bisaya).

site: Mintal, Davao

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  1. Kawayan refers to the king of all bamboos and that is the Giant Bamboo. Butong is Buho in Tagalog. Butong normally has water inside its segments and I call it as the "water bamboo". Lunas is the Vittata variety and I call it the "golden bamboo". Kagingkingon is the bamboo that has a screen of thorns and so it is called the "thorn bamboo". There are other kinds of bamboo which are useful and worth mentioning like the Bagakay and the Bokawe.