Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Bridge is Technically Complete

Dear Readers,

Our bamboo bridge in Matina community is technically completed now, after grouting some joints with cement mortar. We are on the finishing part now and looking forward some launching ceremony... PARTY! ;o)

Puente Matina_04

Puente Matina_03



  1. Thank you for the post - it provides great info about bamboo construction. I have some questions about construction details of the bridge. Did you have to bend the bamboo members that were doing the span? If yes, did you use heat to bend it and how did you make ensure the same curvature among the members? Thanks again!

  2. Thank you for your visit and comment! The bends are all natural, out of selection from the bamboo stands. Much energy would be needed to bend (by inducing heat) bamboo of this size.

    1. Hi! How long "probably" is the bridge's life span as to considering its environment? Thanks

  3. Hi Cakcak,

    your bridge is amazing and beautiful, Id like to ask you a few questions about if that's okay. I am a university student from the UK.

    Please contact me at: