Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bamboo Architecture and BIM

Modelling bamboo structure with architectural BIM (Building Information Modeling, as evolved from CAD/CAM) software such as ArchiCAD is beneficial both for study as well as for an actual design process. Definitely, it helps to understand the geometry of a complex structural system while coping with necessary technical drawing requirements.

OBI Hall by Andry Widyowijatnoko (left), Crosswater Bridge by Simón Vélez (right)

Matina Bridge (left), and Matina Shelter (right)

"Bamboo Pole" is a GDL Object specially handwritten for bamboo structural design and architecture that will run on ArchiCAD 13 or above. It's here for you to the pole to go to download site. Enjoy!

(Title: Bamboo Pole/version: ArchiCAD 13/Localization: International /Description: Bamboo pole straight or curved with four optional curve geometry and optional node visibility/Size: 4.82 KB/Filetype:.gsm compressed in .zip)
at filedropper (left) or 4shared (right)

...with thanks to David Nicholson-Cole.

PS: if object unavailable due to file hosting maintenance please find Bamboo Pole on ArchiCAD-Talk  section GDL Object Repository entry date 07/2011: