Barangay 74-A – a group composed of four community associations (Mabana, St. Benedict, Shalom and St. Paul), are members of the Homeless Peoples’ Federation Philippines, Inc. (HPFPI) and took initiative  to build the bamboo footbridge. The Federation members actively take the lead in all activities related to their footbridge project, including processing papers, permissions and requests to the LGU to provide the equipment needed; procuring materials to be used for construction of both treatment facility and footbridge; mobilizing community people to provide free labor as well as food for the workers during construction; and undertaking workshop preparations in the community.

Homeless Peoples’ Federation Philippines, Inc / Philippine Alliance (HPFPI-PACSII-TAMPEI), spearheaded by the Phils Alliance-Mindanao as host region & the Matina Crossing Federation, as host community.

Technical Assistance Movement for People and Environment, Inc. (TAMPEI) -  together with Philippine Alliance & Bgy. 74-A communities, its local counterpart MANTAS, is spearheading the organization of the training workshop.

Asian Coalition for Housing Rights – providing main financial support for technical assistance in the Matina footbridge construction;  financial support for the training workshop; providing assistance  in local and regional coordination work for  the organisation of the training workshop, sourcing of international resource persons and technical support.

jembatan bambu matina filipinaSahabat Bambu –Indonesia  -  mainly providing technical guidance in the design and construction of the Matina footbridge and  providing primary inputs and facilitation in the training workshop.

University of Mindanao – providing of technical engineering computations in load and structural analyses  of bamboo bridge frame and assistance in foundation works.

University of the Philippines Mindanao – input  in Bridge Concept Design and design properties and assistance in workshop preparation of kit’s materials.